Thanks you to all members and supporters who have helped in the game and website development.

The following are credits for work completed on the “Feed The Goat” game project and Daydreamers Interactive website to date:

Mayet Andreassen- 2D level design, 2D character design for Goat, game dynamics, logo creation

Mark Pinkston- 2D character design for Goat, logo creation

Marcus Johnson – Level map design Review, Git server installation

Malik Abdullah - Level map design Review

Darnicia Robinson – Theme music creation

Syreeta Johnson – MS Project Scheduling

Terry Day – Company licensing and development council.

Israel Cook – 3D and UDK level design, 3D modeling of Goat, level map design, website design and development of Daydreams Interactive, website workspace creation, game dynamics, story, scheduler.

Kyle Johnson– Drupal module installation

Kim Archung – Content editor

Support group workspace coming soon: Supporters will be able to login and access game draft sketches, draft animations, game demos and tutorials, and comment on game assets.