Daydreams Interactive is an independent book, clothing, game, toy and entertainment company. Founded in April of 2013, this newly organized team plans to create projects we daydream about and turn them into things that you will love. We use unique ideas to create unique projects for our children.


Daydreams Interactive is currently working on entertainment and toys that embrace and teach about diversity. Currently we’ve created a brand to ensure children have princess characters as culturally diverse as they are. Please support Princess Planet

Israel Cook is the founder and CEO of Daydreams Interactive. He believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. As the only full time member of the team, he works as the glue that holds the pieces needed together to create the projects. His trade is art and computer science. He has been developing independent computer games and multimedia projects since the age of 10. He has combined his love for programming, art, and music into his ultimate love for creating unique interactive projects.



As a startup, we are always looking for volunteers or great ideas. At Daydreams we believe “it takes a village” to make a great project.